Guidelines for Ministry Teams

Starting Point:  The starting point of a Ministry Team is when at least one person has a desire to be in a ministry that fits within the boundaries of the congregation’s Mission, Vision, Values and Beliefs.  Then that person(s) engages in ministry at least two other people who share enthusiasm for that particular ministry.

Criteria:    Ministry Teams may do whatever they believe necessary to accomplish their ministry task, provided they do not contradict the Mission, Vision, Values, and Beliefs of the congregation, and provided that they abide by the following:

1) Ministry Teams must be deployed with a designated leader and at least two other persons committed to the ministry.

2) Ministry Teams must include a core process of prayer and scripture as integral parts of the team's shared life together prior to undertaking a ministry task. 
3) Ministry Teams must ensure that new ministries do not conflict in purpose or schedule with other established ministries.   
4) Ministry Team leaders are requested to prayerfully consider the number of teams in which they are involved, especially in the number of teams they lead. 

5) Ministry Teams may only request funds from the church's General Fund with
prior approval from the Church Council, unless the amount requested has been budgeted and is available to use.

  April 2021  
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